Purchased artwork will be printed on demand, delivery can take up to a month depending on item purchased, but is usually within 2 weeks.



Standard Print

Standard Print Sizes 8" x 12" 8" x 12" acrylic mounted 12" x 18" 12" x 18" acrylic mounted 16" x 24" 16" x 24" acrylic mounted

Option Price Details
8"x12" print AU$ 65.00 Standard print on quality photographic paper
8"x12" print, acrylic mounted AU$ 125.00 acrylic mounted photographic print
12"x18" print AU$ 85.00 standard print on quality photographic paper
12"x18" acrylic mounted AU$ 150.00 acrylic mounted photographic print
16"x24" print AU$ 135.00 standard print on quality photographic paper
16"x24" acrylic mounted AU$ 205.00 acrylic mounted photographic print

Standard Panoramic Print

Panoramic Print Size 28cm x 96cm 28cm x 96cm acrylic mounted

Option Price Details
28 cm x 96cm panoramic print AU$ 150.00 standard print on quality photographic paper
28cm x 96cm Acrylic mounted pano AU$ 290.00 acrylic mounted photographic print
45cm x 152cm panoramic print AU$ 220.00  
45cm x 152cm Acrylic mounted pano AU$ 350.00  

Panoramic Aspect 2x1 ratio

Option Price Details
40cm x 80cm print AU$ 135.00  
40cm x 80cm print, acrylic mounted AU$ 255.00  
50cm x 100cm print AU$ 175.00  
50cm x 100cm print, acrylic mounted AU$ 335.00  

Square Format

Option Price Details
20cm x 20cm print AU$ 35.00  
20cm x 20cm print, acrylic mounted AU$ 65.00  
40cm x 40cm print AU$ 75.00  
40cm x 40cm print, acrylic mounted AU$ 155.00  
50cm x 50cm print AU$ 99.00  
50cm x 50cm print, acrylic mounted AU$ 205.00  
60cm x 60cm print AU$ 135.00  
60cm x 60cm print, acrylic mounted AU$ 255.00  

Postcards and Calendars

Set of 5

Option Price Details
Postcards AU$ 8.00 Set of 5. Themes include Water; Ice; Astroscape; Rainforest
Calendar AU$ 25.00